Transformational Medicine

What is Transformational Medicine?

Transformation means change and evolution.  Transformational medicine is healthcare intended to facilitate our individual and collective processes of growth in all aspects of our being—spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical. The process of transformation is integrative, and brings us into a true sense of wholeness.  It allows us to experience our true Self and Spirit. It connects us with the Divine and the universe, allowing our sense of separation to fall away. Miracles are recognized and become commonplace in our reality.  We operate less and less out of the ego, and more and more from the heart.  We come to know what it means to have true joy while “being in this world, but not of it”.  We follow our Truth and become aware of the Truths that govern the universe.  Our spiritual practice becomes the primary focus of our lives, and everything else falls into place. We experience a true sense of Peace.

These concepts are timeless and are often forgotten in our culture. Western medicine and science have supplanted the true nature of healing with its reductionistic biochemical-anatomical-physiological model of health that remains deeply rooted in society and the medical community.  Fortunately, the integrative and complementary and alternative medicine movement is gaining impetus.  Ideas about the roles of quantum physics, energy, consciousness, and spirituality in healing are seriously being explored, re-explored, and shared.

The visionary concepts of transformation put forth years ago by W. Brugh Joy, MD, (Joy’s Way5) and others are beginning to come to fruition.  Medicine, physicians, and other healthcare providers must change to accommodate the ever-changing needs of patients as we move forward in the 21st century.  Healthcare must not only address “fixing” or preventing illness, it must move forward with helping people to learn ways to get the most out of life.  Medicine and healthcare must evolve.