Healer’s Touch

Healer’s Touch
A Physician’s Journey into the Medical, Miracle, and Mystical Aspects of Healing
By Jan T. Hendryx, D.O. ©2006

Health lies beyond a pill!

Join Dr. Jan Hendryx on a transformational journey into the world of Osteopathic Medicine. Learn how the sense of touch is used to uncover clues about illness, and how the hands can be used to promote healing. Discover how the body communicates information about its state of wellness. Explore the interactions of body, mind, and spirit in health and healing. Uncover the root cause of illness. Reconnect with the true Source of healing that resides within us all. Find out how DOs significantly increased patient survival rates during the Spanish flu epidemic of 1917-18. Explore the new paradigm of Integrative Medicine.

Read what others have to say about “Healer’s Touch”:

“Learn about what the author describes as the best-kept secret in medicine today, Osteopathy. Enjoy the healing journey that unfolds within these pages.”

R. Paul Lee, D.O., F.A.A.O.
Author, Interface: Mechanisms of Spirit in Osteopathy

“If you are curious about where our medical system is headed, this highly engaging book is for you. Jan Hendryx tells his intriguing personal story of how he became passionate about a gentle, natural, and powerful approach to self-healing that uses drugs only when they are appropriate. Since its founding over a hundred and thirty years ago, Osteopathy has had a tradition of using the diagnostic and healing ingredient most wanting in modern medicine–sensitive human touch. I challenge you to put this fascinating book down after you have read the first sentence.”

James L. Oschman, Ph.D.
Author, Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis

“As a teacher at an osteopathic medical school, I have often heard students ask, ‘Isn’t there a good book about the profession for my friends and family? The answer was always no…until now.

Healer’s Touch by Jan Hendryx, DO, is the first readable book on osteopathic medicine. The complex story of this powerful alternative to conventional medical care is rendered undestandable and even enjoyable through its inclusion of people. There’s Duane who has a spiritual awakening during an osteopathic treatment (OMT) session and his chronic back pain disappears. Rose recovers from chronic fatigue by forgiving herself with a little help from OMT, acupuncture, and visualization. The rest of the story of osteopathic medicine, its history, philosophical uniqueness, and holistic practices is told through Barbara, Angela, Mack, Marcia, and the good doctor himself.

Dr. Jan Hendryx arrived in osteopathic medicine as a result of a spiritual journey initially sparked by a childhood family crisis. His love of nature and background in biology make the author an astute observer and a passionate story-teller.  Hear the rest of his story about healthcare and healing through osteopathic medicine in Healer’s Touch.”

David R. Essig-Beatty, D.O.
Professor of Osteopathic Principles & Practice, West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine